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Why companies large and small trust Ecto

Now, we do not have to spend time creating and sending reports Everything is in the platform instantly and everyone can see it.

Site Manager, Chile・Salmon

We heavily improved our data quality with Jobs by reducing typing errors along with time savings using the automated real-time reports that are available for everyone.

Site Manager, Chile・Salmon

It also helps us with traceability of each process, making it possible to see every data point inputted onto it.

Sow farm manager

I thought that it will be used only for our control. But, in fact, it has freed up time and helps us better communicate on the ground.

Sow farm worker

Initially, we were skeptical, but everyone got used to it just in 1 week.

Feed plant shift supervisor

It eventually improved transparency on who is doing what.

Sow farm manager

I envisioned an idea of such app more than 5 years ago and finally we found something that actually works and is accepted at all levels.

CEO of pork production company

We started to monitor multiple parameters simultaneously and in real time instead of waiting 2 days for a report to be consolidated.

Project Manager, Honduras・Shrimp

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