Manage production at your aqua operations

Decision support for aquaculture

Data analytics and machine learning

Make better decisions with easy integrations to your current data

  • Work with disparate
    data sources in one place

  • Easily integrate internal data with
    our suite of public data sources

  • Get better insights with data from suppliers, contractors, and third parties

  • Spend more time using your data,
    not finding it

Analyze real-time data and receive alerts for anomalies

  • Compare parameters across
    cycles, fish groups, etc.

  • Simplify information through

  • Real-time cross-company dashboards
    for comprehensive monitoring

  • Instant alerts for automated
    issue detection

Identify crucial factors and effective production practices

  • Validate correlations
    between production variables

  • Explore variable relationships to deepen biological understanding

  • Rank factors to assess their
    relative importance and interplay

  • Conduct hypothesis testing
    to determine effective practices

Leverage intelligent forecasts for real-time conditions and patterns

  • Enhance treatment planning with
    three-week sea lice level predictions

  • Mitigate fish mortality risk through understanding treatment-specific factors

  • Maximize feeding efficiency
    with customized growth models

  • Optimize sales by knowing
    fish quality before you harvest

We know aquaculture because we’ve lived it, on farms,
in research labs, and at world-renowned universities

100+ Years

Time spent on aquaculture sites across our team

Our Leadership Team

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Dmitry Kozachenok

Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO

James Webb, PhD

and Lead Scientist

Co-Founder and Lead Scientist

Gary Livshin

Chief Technology Officer

Founder and CEO

Jeff Kumik

Director of Customer Success
& Analytics Sales

Founder and CEO

Øystein Michael Falch

Director of Sales & Business Development, Norway

Founder and CEO

Tim Humphrey

Director of Integrations
& Data Science

Founder and CEO


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