Sea Lice Management Through Integrated Analytics

In the world of salmon farming, sea lice stand as a persistent adversary. These minuscule paracites can wreak havoc on fish health, leading to substantial economic repercussions. Ecto, with its innovative data platform, offers a fresh perspective on this challenge. By seamlessly integrating data from a wide range of sources, including operational software like Fish Talk and Mercatus, Ecto delivers clear insights and predictive analytics on sea lice levels, setting a new benchmark in proactive management.

1. The Power of Integrated Data

Ecto's platform stands out due to its ability to consolidate diverse data streams. Whether it's environmental sensors, fish health monitors, or operational software, Ecto brings it all together to provide a comprehensive view of the farming landscape.

2. Enhanced Clarity Through Operational Insights

Operational data, such as that from Fish Talk and Mercatus, plays a pivotal role in understanding the day-to-day nuances of salmon farming. Ecto harnesses this data, presenting it in an intuitive format, allowing farmers to quickly gauge the health and status of their salmon stocks.

3. Predicting Sea Lice Levels

Ecto's advanced algorithms sift through the integrated data to predict potential sea lice outbreaks. This approach ensures that farmers are always a step ahead better informed to balance optimal use of resources and fish welfare.

4. Tailored Recommendations for Effective Action

Every salmon farm is unique, with its own set of challenges and dynamics. Ecto recognizes this and tailors its insights to fit the specific needs of each operation, ensuring that the recommendations are both relevant and actionable.

5. Simplifying the Complex

With data coming in from various sources, the potential for information overload is real. Ecto's platform is designed to distill this complexity, offering easy-to-understand visuals and insights that provide farmers with a clear picture of the situation at hand.

6. A Future-Ready Platform

Ecto's commitment to continuous learning and adaptation ensures that as the data landscape evolves, so does its predictive prowess. This dynamic nature guarantees that salmon farmers always have the most accurate and up-to-date forecasts at their fingertips.


Facing challenges like sea lice requires both knowledge and foresight. Ecto's data platform, with its ability to integrate and analyze a wealth of data, offers salmon farmers a formidable tool in their arsenal. By delivering actionable insights and forward-looking predictions, Ecto is charting a path towards a more sustainable and prosperous future in salmon farming.


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Sea Lice Management Through Integrated Analytics

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